In need of Banality


Inclusive design: Redefining standards for a wider audience, in order to integrate without stigma.

Social: Empathic attitude turned towards the other to improve their situation for the common benefit.

Norm: Definition of standards based on behaviours and contexts; ideally it is something that should be available for everyone.

Intuition: Built-in aptitude, an innate knowledge, needless for explanations.

AffordanceAccessibility to the understanding of an object’s capacity, use and function.

Dignity: Due to all, acceptance of each other’s needs differences. A liberty of decision regarding the needs that guarantee the independence and autonomy of anyone.


Designer Aurore Brard portrait, by Win Tan reporter

Aurore Brard is a social product and concept designer.

Within her practice, she strives to play with the notions of norms and try to make them more inclusive and accessible. Usually, ordinary objects are crafted for the mass, making them exclusive norms for all who do not fit in.

To avoid this, she creates familiar products that enable different minorities to overcome everyday challenges without stigmatising them. She uses the common knowledge in order to make items that communicate and that are easily readable for and by all. This common knowledge combines both the human intuition and the affordance of objects.

Her inclusive designs focus on restituting their dignity to the omitted groups of people and re-embed the banality of behaviours in their daily life.




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