Price winning project of ‘HEMA design daten’ sustainable and social award!

See-eat-through glass Aurore Brard inclusive design, visually impaired


See-eat-through is an elegant tableware set for ordinary use that also enables visually impaired people to perceive better the table object and their actions.

For instance, they can distinguish knife from fork, and fork from spoon, by feeling the shape of the cutlery handle, without having to touch the sharp blade or the soiled picks. The handle is a logic translation of their respective features: sharp, ribs, hollow.

The glass makes the water visible while pouring it using colour contrast and refraction, it enable visually impaired people to pour a glass of water and stop at the right time without having to put their finger into it.



For this project, she participated in the monthly event Macula-Café in Eindhoven, where she could research and test her ideas and models with the members who have a vision between 5% and 30%.










Inclusive Design