Price winning project of ‘HEMA design daten‘ sustainable and social award!

See-eat-through glass Aurore Brard inclusive design, visually impaired


Daily life activities like eating and drinking become a challenge as we start losing our sight. On this project, I worked on making tableware easier to use by partially sighted people. It’s done by enhancing the level of perception with colour contrasts and tactility. 

This user-friendly extra information gives people confidence while adding colours and details to the pieces of a collection designed for all relatives to eat and drink at the table together.




The handle shape gives a tactile information about the function of each piece of cutlery.


The contrasting colour blocs at the back of the glass makes the water visible using light refraction in water.


For this project, I participated in the monthly event Macula-Café in Eindhoven, where I could research and test her ideas and models, with the members who have a vision between 5% and 30%.









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